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Allowing a child's connection to nature nurture them

At Auchlone Nature Kindergarten

We treat every day as a new opportunity to connect with nature, to grow and to build on children's natural curiosity that will create a life-long love of learning.


We follow the underlying philosophy as defined by our Founder and Director, Dr Claire Warden in her book 'Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools'. The children spend over 80% of their time outdoors whilst at Auchlone. 

Being a nature kindergarten is so much more than just being outside: whether we are inside, outside or offsite we take a consideration to nature in any learning experience. We want to use nature to provide children with authentic learning opportunities that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Above all else, we hope to share a positive attitude and enthusiasm for experiential learning with parents, children and other settings across the world. There’s something wonderfully unique about Auchlone. You notice it the moment you walk through the gate. We have an holistic approach, encompassing care, education, inspiration and connection. It’s a home away from home and a supportive community for you and your family. 

Come and see us, and you’ll feel the difference.

Join Claire as she takes us on a quick tour of Auchlone's garden...

Auchlone offers the best of all worlds


To allow children the opportunity to build great childhood memories - a secure natural space inside, a gently challenging outdoor investigative zone which supports young children to develop emotional confidence and skills, and then the wild wood where they can feel the freedom of a fully natural environment.


Children between 2 and 5 years old spend the majority of the day outdoors in all weathers, either in the very naturalistic garden or in the woodlands where they build dens and bird hides using tools such as saws and loppers, make fires to cook their own snacks, climb trees and generally explore the wonders that the woodlands have to offer.

Thinking of joining us?

Get in touch. We can answer any questions you have, let you know availability for your child’s age group, and send you an enrolment form.

The best way to find out if we’re the right place for you is by seeing it for yourself. Please speak to us about booking a visit, we’d love to meet you!

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