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Kindergarten hours

Auchlone Nature Kindergarten offers flexible care Monday to Friday, 48 weeks a year.

Monday and Fridays - 9am and 3.30pm.
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday - 9am to 5.30pm.

Address - Auchlone Lodge, Abercairny Estate, By Crieff, PH7 3QZ

We offer the following sessions:

We offer the following sessions:
Mornings: 9.00am to 12.30pm
Long morning: 9.00am to 1.30pm
Short day: 9.00am to 3.30pm
Long day: 9.00am to 5.30pm

Fees - Invoices are sent out monthly at the end of each month. We Partner Providers with Perth and Kinross council, therefore any child over the age of three can claim PART funding towards their fee’s with Auchlone Kindergarten.

Clothing – the children are outdoors every day for long periods and it is important that they are dressed appropriately. In colder weather children need woollen socks, snowboots and a snowsuit. During the warmer weather children would need a sun hat and sun protection cream.

Routines - Routines help children to develop a sense of security and belonging and have a positive effect on their emotional development. Happy, secure children are more likely to be successful learners.

Admission Policy – due to the demand for places applications are placed on a waiting list and priority will be given to those children who wish to attend for 2 or more sessions a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

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